Vita Coco Cafe Original - Coconut Water Cafe Latte 12 x 330ml

Vita Coco Cafe Original - Coconut Water Cafe Latte 12 x 330ml

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Vita Coco Cafe is Natural Caffeine Energy supported by Hydration.

Made with the finest whole ingredients, Vita Coco Cafe is crafted to provide a sustainable buzz. Natural coconut water + 1 strong shot of espresso + a splash of reduced fat milk. Enjoy a Vita Coco Cafe and get a taste of natural hydration + natural energy.

Vita Coco Cafe Original - Coconut Water Cafe Latte.

All Natural + Fair Trade Organic Espresso + Premium Coconut Water + Reduced Fat (2%) Milk = Vita Coco Coconut Water Cafe Latte.

Whole ingredients give balanced energy, supported by hydration and caffeine. We created this first brew to provide nourishment with both caffeine and hydration.

We use whole ingredients such as organic fair trade coffee and pure coconut water instead of artificial flavours powders and concentrates.

As many coffee drinkers know, caffeine can leave you feeling jittery and ungrounded, especially after a long night. The combination of our ingredients works to provide all the necessary components of recovery for a strong body and sharp mind.

Scientifically speaking, caffeine constricts the blood vessels, while coconut water hydrates. We can’t believe that we are the first to marry coconuts and coffee. In our opinion, these two needed each other all along.

We have a couple other ideas for brews with coconut water and espresso… We’ll bring them to you soon.

Your humble baristas and mixologists,

Brian and Elan


Nutrition Information for Coco Cafe - Coconut Water Cafe Latte 12 x 330ml (CC_330ml_Original.pdf, 152 Kb) [Download]

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